Saturday, 21 May 2016

Litherland Children's Centre Gala Day

left to right Louise Bridge (Children's Centre Manager) Sarah Greer (Headteacher Litherland Moss Primary School) Mayor
Just had a brilliant morning at the Litherland Gala. A great community event with an excellent turn out -despite the weather- and lots of partner organisation. Many thanks to everyone involved.

This was the opening of the new Children's Centre building and  families and volunteers came to support the even in large numbers. The event overflowed into the Litherland Sports Centre. There were lots of stalls selling everything from beauty products to cakes alongside Nana's knitting.. ( I can thoroughly recommend Lloyd's Salted Caramel fudge.)

The 2nd Bootle Scouts were there as were the Brownies, Litherland Youth and Community Centre , Sefton Community Learning, the Venus Centre , Adactus Housing , Litherland Sports Park , Merseyside Police and countless others.
After the opening I was able to look around the excellent facilities both at the Children's Centre and the sports park. But first I watched a team of youngsters in a Morris Dancing troop. I guess the music would have been an even bigger surprise to Cecil Sharp than it was to me. The girls had clearly put in a lot of practice and I and everyone else was very impressed by their performance

It looked to be a very good team in Litherland, The school has a nursery in in Centre which offers flexible childcare from 8.00 am to 6.00pm  and is developing a 'mud kitchen and sensory/herb garden. Across the way is Rowan Park School with also has first rate facilities including an adventure playground,

Before I went to visit the activities going on at the Sports Park the folk from Litherland Youth and Community Centre enveigled  me into taking part in the foot ball game. I was a dismal failure.

Across at the Sports Park there was dancing in one of the studios which was laid out a bit like a night club and all the participants had coloured lights which shone brightly when the lights were turned down.

By this time the rain  was beginning to ease up and the horse riding was doing a brisk trade.

On may way back to the cafe I was accosted along with Councillor Lappin (who was supporting the event along with her fellow ward councillors ) by one of the 'smoke free for spring' campaigners

It was a great event and my thanks go to the School and Children's Centre for inviting me.

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