Thursday, 19 May 2016

Welcome Batzenberger Winzerkapelle Pfaffenweiler to Southport!

I had enormous pleasure this morning welcoming to the Town Gardens a German windband. We are greatly indebted to the Reed family of Birkdale for making this happen. Son Nick directs the band in his spare moments when he is not teaching or performing himself. Mum and Dad-better known to me as my neighbours on the Birkdale Irrigation Allotment site- sorted out the logistics at this end.

 The Town Gardens soon filled up as the band struck up. The German band had a much rounder, fuller sound than a Northern Brass band and the crowd was soon tapping their feet to the music. It wasn't long before we had a couple of dancers (also plot holders at the allotment) Linda and Fritz.

Nick was happy to have his photo taken with residents and tourists alike. I spoke to a lot of people in the crowd and it was good to see a large party from Glasgow enjoying their visit to our town. I was impressed by the knowledge of many of the locals who seemed to know a lot about the music including a couple of residents who had lived near the town from where he band had come.

I should say that the region the band comes from is a wind growing area and the band is sponsored by the wine growers and several of the members are employed in viticulture We held a reception for the band in the Town Hall and they presented me with a gift from the sponsors! (and for those who are checking I have declared it!)

It was a great day and the music and the friendliness of our visitors impressed everyone who turned up. Thanks to Maureen Fearn and her helpers who collected for the Mayors Charity.

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