Sunday, 21 August 2016

Once again a spectacular summer success -Southport Flower show

The Flower Show leases the Victoria Park from the Council and so once a year at the show the Southport Flower show hands over the rent. Since 1987 that rent has been set at a dozen red roses. The Chair of the Flower Show, David Rose, is pictured discharging that obligation. This year as Mayor I collected the rent along with my daughter Elspeth who was on Mayoress duty.

The Mayor of Southport gave a trophy awarded this year to the National Vegetable Society (Lancashire District). They had an amazing display of vegetables that featured in a national Broadsheet newspaper earlier this week. I spoke to several of the people on the stall all of whom hailed from around Pendle. The group won the trophy last year and had gone back home to check out the history of the trophy. It was given in 1928 by the then Mayor of Southport Christiana Hartley. The Hartley family-makers of the famous jam-moved to Southport from Colne (part of Pendle today) and were busy as philanthropists in both bits of Lancashire. As every Southport resident knows Christiana was the first woman Mayor of the town and endowed, among other things, the maternity hospital . The folk from Colne had a similar tale to tell. If you look at the trophy you will see the Southport Coat of Arms
Another, of many impressive silver cups, went to Holden Cough nursery also from Lancashire for a most magnificent display in the main Floral Marquee

As reader know I have an allotment so I take a special interest in the 'edible exhibits' at the show. This year there was an excellent stand from the NW section of the National Allotment Society who were doing a great job promoting this activity

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