Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Friday night and Saturday morning at the 24 hr Badmintonathon in Birkdale

On Friday I night launched a Badmintonathon in Birkdale organised by the Woodvale badminton Club to raise funds for local charities. What is a Badmintonathon? It seems to have been dreamt up by the Woodvale club and this is their fourth. It is a 24 hour continuous game with over 100 players taking part.

I was mightily impressed by the way the event had been organised. Local businesses had been generous in their sponsorship, there was an amazing raffle and a number of sealed auctions for super prizes.
I stayed for a good while and what stood out was the high standard of the games. The Woodvale Club is very successful and attracts a wide range of members including a thriving youth section. I popped back in early on Saturday morning and they were still going strong. Earlier I had met a representative of Lancashire Badminton who was full of praise for the way the club was run and the high standard of their coaching.

The event was held at the Birkdale URC on Grosvenor Rd, the last time I had been there at the opening of the 'knitted bible' on that occasion the tables were groaning under the weight of cake this time it was raffle prizes that weighed them down. I understand that over £3000 was raised for Woodvale BC's chosen charities.

Mollie (on Mayoress duty) meets up with old school friends

06.00am and still going strong
up for the first game with the special challenge tee shirt


  1. It was wonderful to have the Mayor's support at the Badmintonathon, thank you so much. And even calling back in at 6am, impressive indeed. I should just update his blog post ... the event has raised over £3,000 (not £300) which is a fantastic effort and will give much needed support to the chosen local charities. Dave Miller (Woodvale BC)

  2. Thanks for that, I have made the correction to the posting