Friday, 9 December 2016

The inspirational Prince's Trust Team 4 graduate at Hugh Baird

Photograph by Conrad Ainsley
I was delighted to be back at Hugh Baird College this week. I had been invited to the graduation ceremony for those members of Team 4 who had completed the Prince's Trust scheme.

The Prince's Trust Team programme is a 12-week course, run in partnership with Hugh Baird College, that offers work experience, challenging community projects and an adventurous five-day, team building residential trip.

We had a review of the scheme presented by the young people and then individual contributions from the students who had taken part. This was inspirational stuff. The programme had clearly made an impact on the participants who had visibly grown in confidence through the programme. The testimonials from the hosts of the community projects-including St Oswald's- confirmed that these young people had done a great job and were brilliant ambassadors for young people. Nobody could help but be moved by the commitment these young people had shown nor of the value of their contribution.  There can be no doubt that any employer looking at an application from these students would recognise that they had demonstrated that they would be worth seriously considering for a job.

Judging from the video presentation as well as the individual speeches that the students made the residential trip to Denbigh had been the turning point. Their team work skills and enjoyment were obvious.

The whole team should be proud of their achievement. I sincerely wish that some of the 'moaners' in our society who have a negative opinion of young people could have been present. It was a great evening.

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