Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Greenbank Prize Giving

View from the platform
It was good to be back again at Greenbank High School where I have spent time both as a parent and a Governor.
I was invited back for Prize giving and as you can see then event was well attended by students past and present as well as parents.

With all the pressure on schools to concentrate on a  deminishingly small number of core subjects it was a delight to be at a school which strives to offer a broad and balanced curriculum. There were students who were getting prizes for both Arts and Science subjects. I was a tad despondent to speak to a young women who on leaving the school with do A level science subjects she found herself as the only female in her class. Greenbank has done an excellent job in recruiting girls to science subjects but regrettably it sounds as if the gender bias still exists once they leave.

Anyway back to the broad and balanced curriculum, it was good to see recognition for technology subjects like textile and home economics and to hear the high level of achievement produced by the music department, There was also a prize for cheerfulness.

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