Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Southport Music Festival- young people showcase their talents

The Mayor, I learn, is President of the Southport Music Festival and so it came to pass last week that I was down to chair their AGM. I was unable to attend the festival this year as I was already booked up so the 'President's opening remarks were something of a challenge. I have chaired some pretty boring meetings but this one was certainly not in that category. A dedicated group of volunteers have kept this Festival alive whilst many across the country many have folded. Today, in its 110th year, it flourishes.

After the business of the meeting was concluded-with special presentations to some of the volunteers- we all sat down to a concert given by some of the young people who had entered the Festival in 2016. The standard was amazingly high. I took a few pictures and I am grateful to Ian Dexter for providing me with some additional ones. Let's start with a couple of videos which will illustrate the quality.

Charlie on the piano

A memorable sketch about dentists
a great musical hall turn
another excellent soprano

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