Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Visiting Foodbanks in the south of the borough

My first stop was at St Leonard's in Bootle where I met up with Debbie again. She had been nominated for an award earlier in the year by one of her volunteers. Most of the volunteers on the day that I visited were former firefighters. The centre also had a welfare rights adviser available.

Everything was very well organised in accordance with the Trussel Trust's good practice. The centre had just taken delivery of a new trolley,in the photo, donated by the staff at Maghull Lidl .

Next stop was the main storage site for the various foodbanks in the area situated at the Waterloo Town Hall. Gail, the manager, explained the various partnerships they have developed with supermarkets, local businesses and most particularly with the churches and schools. I was impressed by the professional organisation. All the volunteers knew the drill and it all seeemed to work very well. I was interested to learn that they produce a regular shortage list of products they need to make up the deliveries. I know myself that you are not sure what is needed. Each bag has a set variety of goods and sometimes the foodbank has to 'buy in' products to ensure they get the right balance of foodstuffs.

At this time of year they would love to receive Easter Eggs

The shortage Toiletries for this month are as follows:
Shower gel
Washing up liquid
Sanitary items
Shaving foam
Tooth brushes
Nappies size  4, 5 & 6

UHT Milk
UHT Juice
Tinned Potatoes/Instant Mash
Tinned Tomatoes
Tinned Fruit
Rice Pudding

If you have any queries please contact Gayle on 0151 934 3055/0151 933 1300

Many thanks to all the volunteers and staff who showed me around. I was very impressed by their work. They are all doing a very important job 

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