Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Opening Stedy Chefs new Cookery School for young adults with learning difficulties

 I left the Southport Foodbank and went to open a new Cookery School on the Dunningsbridge Rd. This project has been established by the Stedy Chef catering agency a business that is well established. It was a delight to meet the new trainee, young adults with learning difficulties, who have come from all over the region to sign up to the training on offer. The enthusiasm of the new recruits was infectious. They were already hard at work preparing a buffet when I arrived. Whilst they got on with the preparation I met some of the families and supporters of the young people. This project clearly fills a big gap in provision. The young people were receiving job training in a proper work environment and they were being prepared to get proper qualifications. This is a far cry from many of the unrewarding training schemes on offer that lead nowhere other than to enrol onto another training scheme.
The food was excellent especially the newspaper wrapped mini fish and chips.

The project is situated in the managed workspace/ storage unit run by Rent a Space who are clearly very supportive landlords.

I hope this project enjoys the success it so richly deserves

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