Friday, 31 March 2017

Rotary in Southport for Technology challenge and Annual Conference

My visits to Rotary began with the Technology Challenge organised by the Southport Rotary group at Greenbank High School. I met students from local school and colleges who were participating in this event. Their task was to design and make an electrically powered car to travel along a course and pick up a load. I was genuinely impressed by the inventiveness of the students who ranged in age from 12 to 18 years old. Some of the older students from Southport College were undertaking apprenticeships or preparing to go to university, they had the task well in hand. But it was the younger students who really impressed me. It was good to observe so many girls actively and successfully participating in engineering.

At the weekend I was at the Floral Hall for the annual conference of the Lancashire and Cumbria Rotary district. They have come back to Southport for three of the last five years. It is my habit at these events to speak to as many of the delegates as I can about their experience of our town. Conferences likes this fill our hotels and Guest Houses and provide bookings for our restaurants so it was very pleasing that there was universal praise for the welcome they have received. A special mention must go to the staff at the Floral Hall.

Among the charities that the Lancs/Cumbria Rotary support is the Blood Bikes

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