Friday, 7 April 2017

The Addams Family performed by SONG -macabre, satirical, bizarre and brilliantly done

Last night I went to a brilliant production of the Adams Family at The Atkinson in Southport.
It was great fun with lots of comedy and satire. The principals-especial Morticia and Gomez -were excellent and Uncle Fester's number The Moon and Me stole the show and the hearts of the audience. Who would have thought the singing of a plaintive love song to the moon by a character of undetermined sexuality would be the sanest plot line in the show?
Morticia, who was delightfully scary, led the chorus in a memorable rendering of  Death is Just Around the Corner- summing up the macabre and bizarre world that the show was set in. I suspect that I was at a bit of disadvantage having not come across the 1930's comic strips by Charles Adams on which the script was based on, nevertheless the show worked well for me. It is at heart a love story, a tale of coming of age for all the sibling rivalry, the truth game and the lack of 'normality'

Southport is very lucky to have SONG. It was established back in 1979 and since then lots of young people have performed in their shows. I have seen several over the years and the standard is amazingly high. Former SONG members have gone on to a  career in the West End and in America. I have no doubt that some of the performers we saw last night will follow them. Former members I have met always speak of their time with SONG with great affection.

I doubt that when SONG-the youth section of the Spotlights (formerly Southport Operatic) chose it for the next production they considered how topical a show with a dystopian vision of the USA would be.

There was a good house last night, but I understand that there are tickets available for the rest of the run. I would urge you to go, you are guaranteed and a great night's entertainment.


  1. Sounds like a good show Iain when does it run till.

  2. Hi June, it ran till Saturday. It really was very good