Sunday, 17 July 2016

Brilliant Botanic Garden Volunteers

The brilliant Botanic Garden volunteers have magnificently maintained this jewel in the Southport crown. I met David and Ann Cobham when I visited the the Churchtown park. I have been coming to the gardens on and off for decades to visit the playground with my daughters and to listen to the brass band on a Sundays. The cuts in local authority funding inevitably led to a reduction in spending on the parks. One of the really uplifting things about Southport is the manner in which the townsfolk have been determined not allow austerity to diminish places like the Botanic. There are lots of examples of volunteers making a real difference: Lord St in Bloom, Rotton Row, Birkdale Civic Society, King's Garden to mention just a few. David and Ann and all their volunteer colleagues have achieved an exceptionally high standard and on a very large scale. One of the important things a Mayor can do is to give recognition and thanks to groups like the Botanic Gardeners on behalf of the community. Since my visit I have been recommending almost everyone I meet that they should visit Botanic Gardens. I have visitors staying shortly for a family wedding and 21st birthday and I will certainly put a visit to these gardens on their itinerary.

thanks to John Dodd for the photos

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