Sunday, 17 July 2016

Taryn, Head for a day at Farnborough Road Junior School

After visiting the Botanic Gardens I dropped into Farnborough Junior School to meet their new Head Taryn Sinclair. Taryn was elected by the pupils after an extensive campaign complete with videos and campaign literature, (Thanks to Neil Middlehurst and his team at the Borough Council for assisting with a ballot box and polling booth and the regulation stubby pencils)

Taryn showed me around the school and introduced me to each class, The school was having a fun maths day with, for example,  battle ships to practice co-ordinates and various other mathematical skills which I must admit I had never encountered before.

One thing I did notice was how well received Taryn as she went round the school. If I was Mr Antell, the Head for the other 364 days a year,  I would watch out........

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