Monday, 4 July 2016

The International Dance Teachers Association Annual event at Southport

I left the Knitted Bible behind and headed for the Floral Hall to the Annual Dinner and Dance of the International Dance Teachers Association. The Association has been coming to Southport for four days of dancing, lecturers and dining for about a dozen years.

On the steps of the Floral Hall I was greeted by Wayne Sleep and we chatted about the Mayoral chain. He was clearly pleased to be in Southport and later in the evening performed an amazing comedy dance routine based on Charlie Chaplin. I did reflect that it one day I was encountering full range of activities from the Knitted Bible to Wayne Sleep.

There were over 400 people at the Annual Dinner and I made a point of getting around the tables and asking what they thought of Southport. I am delighted to report that there was universal approval. Everyone spoke highly of their accommodation and loved Lord Street. The venue, with the Ballroom in the Floral Hall and the Theatre next door, suited their needs perfectly.

I was lucky to be sitting with the President Lynda King during the dinner who was an excellent and interesting host. The cabaret after the meal was breath taking. Not only did we have Wayne Sleep we had  demonstrations by: Gerhard & Amor – World Showdance Champions and  Warren & Kristi Boyce - Reigning British National Professional Ballroom Champions.

There was high praise for the staff of the Floral Hall and for the meal they produced.

On my way out I bumped in Wayne Sleep again which rather satisfactorily completed the night.

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