Saturday, 25 June 2016

Anthony Hill hosts charity event in Crosby

 We left The Strawberry Tea in time to get to another Afternoon Tea in Crosby. This one hosted by my old friend Anthony Hill and the Crosby Mayor's Charity Committee. There were more cakes, sumptuous cakes as well as cream scones, sandwiches and tea made in a china pot and poured into china cups.
Anthony with volunteers from his committee
Lovely to meet this lady who is 99 yrs old. She had a great time and is clearly a fan of Sid's

Sid with his ukuleles. He does a fine rendition of George Formby 
I had delightful company of Linda Mc (for those outside of the region follow the link) and her mother. She also introduced me to her nephew who acted as roadie to the entertainer -Sid, who is famous for appearing on Britain's got talent.

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