Tuesday, 21 June 2016

To loose one cake may be regarded a misfortune; to loose two looks like carelessness

This is the tale of two cakes that got away.

When I attend a Mayoral function I get a briefing sheet about the organisation I am visiting and who I am going to meet. The sheet also advices what I ought to wear-lounge suit, dinner jacket, robes etc, There is also a section that tells me if the organisation is going to make me a presentation to me. This is typically a bottle of wine, a bunch of flowers or a cake. I usually make arrangements for this to be handed over to a local charity or other worthy cause.

When I attended the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union Conference the briefing advised that they were going to present me with a cake. I mentioned this to the chaplain and said I would bring it along to the church after I had opened the Conference as the Youth Club were having a cake sale. Sure enough after I had made my speech of welcome I was ushered down to the front of the conference by the General Secretary. On a table there was placed a very fine cake baked by delegates from Oldham. I must admit that I thought it was a tad big for the plans I had for its consumption. The photographer was there and I smiled and made the appropriate thank yous.

Just I was about to lift the cake and head for the Floral Hall door the cake was snatched away. Apparently they did not intend me to have the cake but had arranged to give it to the British Legion home Byng House. And that is a very good place for the cake to sent.

The next week I was at the Maghull Canal Fest. The refreshments were provided by Scrummies CafĂ©. I was told that the wanted to present me with a cake. The photographers all gathered round to snap me cutting the cake. The other members of the group with whom I had travelled on The Pride of Sefton joined in the photo. When we were all done the cake was put in a box and was stowed away in the Mayoral car.

This cake got as far as my kitchen. I put on the kettle to make a pot of tea and started reviewing the photos I had taken. Imagine my shock when I came across this one of the box the cake originally arrived in:

 Ah well, I delivered it to the Mayor of Maghull next morning and I am delighted to learn that she is going to raffle it for her Mayor's charity; the Honeysuckle team at the Women's Hospital, which is very good result.

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