Sunday, 5 June 2016

Setting out on my cycle tour of Birkdale gardens

This is not actually my Brompton but it is pretty nigh identical, I found it was difficult to take a selfie whilst cycling ....

My first stop was at Ashton Rd at 12.30pm. My trusty Brompton bike with it's new Harris tweed bag containing my camera and mayoral medallion swiftly transported me to meet John and Jennifer Maudsley. (I should explain that they don't let me out with the valuable Mayoral chain unless I am accompanied by one of the Mayoral staff and seeing I was fulfilling these visits on Sunday on my bike I was wearing the medallion )

12.30pm was a bit of a rush so I had to leave Holy Trinity without hearing Mr Wells play the voluntary -Ballet des Matelot by Praetorious. I think I have tracked down a youtube recording played on the organ of All Saints Leamington Spa  -the town where I grew up.

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