Sunday, 19 June 2016

Maghull Community Sports and Fun day

Well who knew that Maghull used to have a Rhubarb industry, I thought that was confined to the Triangle in Yorkshire. The church keeps alive the memory of the site where they built their chapel by calling their Newsletter The Rhubarb Patch
I was met by Chris Fazakerley the organiser who explained how the Day had grown. The Baptist church are on good neighbourly terms with the RC Primarily School, St George's, on whose playing fields the event is held.

I was then met by the new Minister Keith Parr who recently arrived from Coventry. He is lucky to have come to such a vibrant and active church.

The first thing anyone tells you about Maghull Baptists is that they are famous for their baking. Well, in my experience church fairs are amongst the very best place to get good baking but nothing had prepared me the sheer quantity and quality of the cakes that arrived in the refreshment tent. All were freshly baked.

All the fun of the fair was at this Fun Day, Archery, Rugby skills, football, bouncy castles and crazy golf

My partner was much better at avoiding Peppa pig than I was
This was a genuine community event and it was good to see the generations enjoying themselves together.

I was shown round the Chapel and the two hall-one a sports hall land the other a community room with excellent kitchen facilities. I met a former Minister who had come back in retirement to Maghull. He was telling me about the churches link with Moldova. It was good to hear that the members compassion was not limited to these islands and that the internationalist values that have always been a part of non conformity are alive and well.

As I was about to leave and just before I had time to grab one of the very fine hot dogs from the barbeque I was accosted by two ladies from a health food stall who were keen to get me to try one of their smoothies.......

A green breakfast Colon Cleanser made with spinach, celery, kiwi apple, wheatgrass and chai seeds

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