Friday, 24 June 2016

Sefton Adult Community Centre- an uplifting and inspiring event

It was a miserable day, the rain was torrential as I left Litherland and Seaforth station on my bike. I arrived at the Adult Learning Centre soaked to the skin. The overnight news was as depressing as the weather and so it was with a heavy heart that in entered the building.
I was travelling under my own steam so I did not have the full Ruritanian Mayoral garb with me and for once I regretted that because as the morning proceeded I wished I could have

Lynne Jones, a volunteer, got a special award.
Lynne Jones, a volunteer, got a special award
 made the event  special of those to whom I was awarding certificates.

The centre offers a range of course some are purely vocational-yoga, embroidery etc, others are aimed to improve employability. It was truly and inspirational event. I guess if you are very close to such courses you may not grasp the transforming impact that they can have. I met people who had come and done English and Maths courses that had got them into work. I met others who were rebuilding their life after illness who  had found a way forward through study.

I also met people who had come not for economic gain but because of the had fond an interst they wanted to develop, education for its own sake.

Congratulations all round, it was uplifting and inspiring. A special mention to Lynne Jones who volunteers at the centre. She has clearly played an important role in the success of this project and the warmth and the enthusiasm of the applause demonstrated the affection that she is held in

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