Sunday, 5 June 2016

Viv Rimmer, Shaws Rd a succulent garden

Viv Rimmer the Queen of succulent plants
Now this really was different, in the heart of East Birkdale Viv Rimmer has created the most original garden. Her interest is in succulent plants and you can see a fine specimen in the photo below. Viv has won many prizes for her plants and I found that I was fascinated by the enormous variety of plants she was displaying.

Viv's garden also displays a mischievous sense of humour which was appreciated by many of the visitors

I was met at the door by Jhanaica Mook who introduced herself by proclaiming that she had been in 42nd Street with BOS . Now it is no secret that I thought that was a brilliant production and it was a pleasure to meet one of the cast who had so expertly tapped danced her way through the performance. Her younger sister has also been in a BOS production appearing in the King and I last year
Jhanaica Mook

As the temperature gauge show it reached 30c in Viv's garden

This young lady appears to be enjoying the sunshine. Naked gardening day is 7th May and you can find out more about it here

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