Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Citizenship Ceremony at the Town Hall

This past seven days I have run the full gambit of the Mayoral experience from lunch with the High Sherriff to afternoon tea with the Salvation Army at the Floral Hall-(I was the only one who scraped the cream off my scone)

This morning I was in Bootle Town Hall to chair a Citizenship Ceremony. It was a most impressive and dignified occasion as befitted the importance of the occasion.

During the proceedings the four new citizens made a formal and public pledge that they would be loyal subjects and uphold the laws of the country. Before getting to this stage the new citizens have already completed several stages including the Citizenship Test which I suspect many UK born people would fail. Speaking afterwards to staff it was clear that they had interviewed many prospective new citizen who had harrowing histories leading up to their application to become citizens. This an important right of passage and it is proper that it should be formally marked by a ceremony. My thanks to the Registrar who carried out her duties impeccably and welcome to the four new British Citizens:
  • Susan Moran
  • Casper Ngorima
  • Salma Cinnamond
  • Langton Mburayi
I was pleased to welcome them to this country and I trust it remains a beacon of hope where human rights and freedom is upheld.

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