Sunday, 12 June 2016

Friday night was music night with the Lyric Singers in Southport

Friday night was music night. I was at Lord St West church for a concert given by Southport's Lyric Singers in aid of the Alzheimer's Society. We had a full and varied programme including a poem and a monologue -now there is an art form that needs to be revived.

The choir was formed in 1954 and they traditionally begin there Summer Concert with a rendition of June is Burstin' followed by Life is Nothing without Music. The choir introduced me to a song composed by Julian Slade, Terhou from a musical I did know existed. Old favourites were mixed with interesting numbers including some from Latin America. It is a while since I have heard a monologue this one was in the tradition of Albert and the Lion and new to me.

We had songs from WW1. Dennis, from the choir, spelt out the full horror of The Battle of the Somme; the numbers killed and wounded on both sides, the number of shells fired , the uselessness of the tanks and asserted that these song were being sung in commemoration not celebration.

On 1st June at 10.45 I shall be leading an act of remembrance at the war memorial on Lord Street for those who died at the Somme. There is a section of our memorial entirely devoted to the names of those who died there. Next weekend I shall be at a dinner held regularly at the Royal Hotel in Waterloo to commemorate the battle of 1815.I am privileged to be a member of the first generation in a thousand years not to have fought in a European war. That is a prize worth keeping. One of the pieces the choir sang Ose Shalom reminds us of the of the honour of those who bring peace.

This was a delightful evening and reminds me of a time when people made their own entertainment. It is good to sing and as the lady from the Alzheimer's Society reminded us it is very therapeutic. In modern jargon it is good for our 'wellbeing' or as another of the songs put it 'music lightens the heart'. We were royally entertained on the Queen's 90th birthday by the Lyric Singers may the Lyric i look forward to them being around for many years to come to continue this tradition of music

My thanks to all who made the evening such a memorable event to
Vera Woodward the musical Director, President Glenna Warner and all their supporters.

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